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Five luxurious residences are being constructed  close to the sea in Porto Rafti by "terpsithea".



“TERPSITHEA” sustainable housing project in Porto Rafti, GreeceThe paper reports on a housing project developed by Beis & Associates relatively the installation of green roofs and roof ponds at a sea side residence in Porto Rafti, Greece. The objective was to explore the abilities of this building type to reduce non-renewable energy consumption and hence to obtain an environmental character. Houses in Porto Rafti consume large amount of energy in order to cool during the hot period in summer. Roof is generally the most exposed element of the building’s external envelop to the solar radiation. The paper supports the implementation of green roofs and roof ponds to aid the housing sector in dissipating the excess heat gains. In order to test the thermal performance of the house and thus the benefits of using green roofs in housing projects, simulations have been done by using TAS software. The first step was to create the reference building as a base case which is the model including the implementation of the Greek regulations for thermal insulation. Afterwards, an exploration of the installation of green roof, natural ventilation and Low E glazing with argon in the windows was done. Finally, an examination of roof ponds, by literature review, was done. Conclusively, roof ponds and green roofs can help houses in Porto Rafti to reduce the annual loads and energy consumption. More...

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