The architectural office “Beis & Associatesgives priorityon the correctprocess of thearchitectural designrespectingthe environment.


For this reason, the architectural design and bioclimatic design for a building begins by defining the building program and the users’ needs. Climate analysis and the determination of thermal comfort zones are followed. Afterwards we investigate the building form relative to various factors (aesthetic, functional, orientation, integration with the architecture of the surroundings, etc.).


The architecture form that will emerge is studied in terms of the orientation; thus becomes the study of elevations, the optimum choice of shading and materials.


Our goal is to reduce the energy demand of a new building by means of architecture!


When the previous steps have successfully completed the contribution of technology follows. Smart cooling - heating systems with high efficiency is used.


Finally, aiming at zero carbon emissions the integration of renewable energy into the building can be studied.


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Μuseums in Pylos


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